Excursion Itineraries

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Kuala Lumpur

Pick-up time : 0900 hrs
Duration : Approx. 4.5 hrs
Tour Includes : Entrance fees

Did you know that tin mining built KL? Get the inside story on how Chinese miners of the 1850s made waves with the meeting point of two rivers that contributed to the KL we see today. This half day tour takes you on a journey back in time to KL's roots at the Royal Selangor Pewter Visitor's Centre that pays homage to tin as the main component in making pewter. Other attractions include the River Confluence (birth place of KL), The Independence Square, The Sultan Abdul Samad Building, The King's Palace, Batu Caves.

Pick-up time : 0900 hrs / 1400hrs
Duration : Approx. 3.5 hrs
Tour Includes : Entrance fees

See the influential structures of KL city in one quick trip as each monument has its story to share. Admire the architectural brilliance and landscapes. Hop on this tour that will take you to the National Monument, King's Palace, National Museum, Independence Square, Sultan Abdul Samad Building and choose to have a snapshot at the Petronas Twin Towers or National Mosque.


Pick-up time : 0930 hrs / 1400hrs
Duration : Approx. 3.5 hrs
Tour Includes : Entrance fees

Time to make friends with folks out of the city at the Batik Factory and understand the intricacy of producing this Malaysian traditional cloth. Be enthralled with the works of nature at the Batu Caves limestone temple and the animals that inhabit it. The tour also includes a drive pass to Ambassadors Row and The Royal Selangor Pewter Factory & Visitors Centre.


Pick-up time : 0930 hrs
Duration : Approx. 3.5 hrs
Tour Includes : 'School of Hard Knocks' workshop fees

Relax, this school doesn't hurt like it sounds. The School of Hard Knocks offers you a speed lesson on pewter smith skill (if visiting the Royal Selangor Visitors Centre got you curious). Armed with a hammer, mallet, wooden mould and scraper, you'll be forming, scraping, polishing and packing your own piece of pewter, engraved with your initials or a personal message. An "apprentice pewter smith" apron and a personalised certificate puts a stamp on your newfound skills.


Pick-up time : 0900 hrs / 1400hrs / 1900hrs
Duration : Approx. 3.5 hrs
Tour Includes : Entrance fees

Beyond KL City lies Putrajaya, the nation's administrative capital. Dubbed the "Garden City, Intelligent City", Putrajaya is a self-sufficient township with much thought put into each building, resulting in contrasting architectural creations. A trip to Putrajaya takes you on a drive through the nature enriched boulevards, the Prime Minister's Office and Official Residence. Plus, the cannot-be-missed majestic Putra Mosque and Putra Bridge, a popular backdrop for photography.


Pick-up time : 1800 hrs
Duration : Approx. 04 hrs
Tour Includes : Dinner

Fancy a fine meal 282 meters above ground level in a posh revolving restaurant? As you wine and dine, set your sights on a panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur. Not only dinner, but this tour brings you to the Open Air Bazaar of Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur Tower, drive pass The Independence Square, The Sultan Abdul Samad Building and The Petronas Twin Towers before dinner.


Pick-up time : 1800 hrs
Duration : Approx. 04 hrs
Tour Includes : Dinner in Saloma Restaurant (Buffet) / Songket Restaurant (A la carte)

Malaysia is truly an exploration and what better way to sample the various cultures alongside famous culinary delights? This evening tour introduces you to the way of life of various ethnic groups with visits to the Sri Maha mariamman Temple, Open Air Bazaar of Chinatown before finishing with a traditional Malay Dinner accompanied by a Cultural Show.
**Cultural show is not available in Songket Restaurant on every Sunday**


Pick-up time : 1000 hrs / 1400 hrs
Duration : Approx. 4 hrs
Tour Includes : Entrance fees

Alfred Venning, the British State Treasurer must have been a nature lover to build KL's Lake Gardens which covers almost 92 hectares of green, featuring colourful flowers and shady trees around an artificial lake. If you're anything like Mr. Venning, this tour will delight including visits to the Butterfly Park, KL Bird Park & Orchid Garden.


Pick-up Time : 0900hrs / 1300hrs
Duration : Approx. 04 hours
Tour Includes : Transfers
Tour Excludes : Birding Guide Fees

Located north of KL, Templer's Park Forest Reserve is one of the last proper green lungs within the city outskirts that is rich in flora and fauna. It is a bird watchers' paradise where enthusiasts can go on their own or request the services of a birding guide at an additional charge. Within the area of Templer's Park is the multi-tiered Kanching waterfall, popular with tourists and locals to chill out.


Pick-up Time : 0900hrs
Duration : Approx. 04 hours
Tour Includes : English speaking guide, transfers via public transport (LRT / monorail), morning tea (roti canai & teh tarik), Chinese tea demonstration and a local lunch.

Heritage plays a big part in shaping today's bustling KL City and it makes perfect sense to restore and maintain these influential spots. Gain an insight to some centuries-old colonial structures and inspiration from architectural designs. This tour covers Jamek Mosque, Malay Street, Indian Mosque Street, The Colonial Core, Medan Pasar (Old Market Square), Central Market, Sin Sze Si Ya Temple, Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Chinatown & Chan She Shu Yuen Clan House.


Pick-up Time : 0900hrs
Duration : Approx. 04 hours
Tour Includes : English speaking guide, transfers via public transport (LRT/Monorail), lunch and a foot massage

A pioneer settlement in Kuala Lumpur, Brickfields is the hub for all things related to Indian culture and lifestyle. Come Deepavali, the area is unmistakably festive and colorful but it is no less abuzz on normal days. The walk around Brickfields will lead you to Sri Maha Muneeswarar / Sree Veera Hanuman Temple, Sri Lankan Temple of Sri Kandaswamy, Sam Kow Temple, the Madrasatul Mosque, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Buddhist Maha Vihara, Temple of Fine Arts, Hundred Quarters along Jalan Rozario, and Vivekananda Ashram. Reward your efforts with a traditional foot-reflexology massage performed by a blind masseuse.


Pick-up Time : 0900hrs
Duration : Approx. 04 hours
Tour Includes : Transfers and Entrance Fee

The National Zoo, largest in Malaysia is a world of discovery for animal lovers. Located only 13km northeast of KL, 200 species of animals, birds and reptiles call the zoo home while 80 species of marine creatures live harmoniously in the aquarium. Visitors can witness sea lions having their meal at a certain time everyday within the grounds.


Pick-up Time : 0900hrs
Duration : Approx. 05 hours
Tour Includes : Entrance Fee, tour guide and canopy walk fee

Founded in 1929, FRIM or Forest Research Institute of Malaysia is one of the leading institutions in tropical forestry research both locally and abroad. Nature lovers or students of this field should find time to discover this 600-hectare forest. Experience the Canopy Walk and the Crown Shyness phenomenon where leaf tips of a certain plant appear to be shy towards their own kind.


Pick-up time : 1630 hours
Duration : Approx. 06 hrs
Tour Includes : Dinner and boat ride
Note : Dress casually and bring along rain gear on wet days. Departures might be cancelled if there is too much rain in the coastal area.

On the fringe of KL lies the coastal areas and a village named Kampung Kuantan that lights up every night without electricity. These lights come from fireflies that shine in darkness. A boat ride takes you to their mangrove swamp habitat. This tour includes visits to the palm oil & Fort Melawati and dinner at a seafood village.


Pick-up time : 1000 hours
Duration : Approx. 08 hrs
Tour Includes : Sunway Lagoon Water Park, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Extreme Park & Scream Park Entrance Fees
Note : Theme Park closed on every Tuesdays except during Malaysia/Singapore School Holidays and Malaysia Public Holidays.

You can spend an entire day exploring and enjoying the thrills of Sunway Lagoon. The park is separated into 5 major theme parks - Water, Amusement, Extreme, Wildlife and Scream. This tour covers Waters of Africa, Wild Wild West, World of Adventure, Sunway Petting Zoo, Extreme Park and Scream Park.


Pick-up Time : 0900hrs
Duration : Approx. 08 hours
Tour Includes : English speaking guide, transfers, lunch at local Restaurant
Tour Excludes : All entrance fees

Just 90km from Kuala Lumpur, we find a beach named Port Dickson or affectionately known as PD to locals. Found in the state of Negeri Sembilan, you'll find many city dwellers on the stretch of PD beach engaging in water or land sports, having a picnic or simply enjoying the scenery and sea breeze. This tour covers sightseeing at Cape Rachado with a panoramic view of Malaccan Straits, visit to the Army Museum and the rabbit & ostrich farm.


GENTING HIGHLANDS DISCOVERY (Theme Parks are currently closed for upgrading works)
Pick-up time : 0900 hours
Duration : Approx. 08 hrs
Tour Includes : Return Genting Skyway cable ticket
Tour Excludes : All entrance fees and show tickets
Note : All aged below 21 years are restricted from entering the casino.

Genting Highlands is a popular escape route from the city heat with its cool weather 2000 meters above sea level. Throw in a theme park and resorts, a recipe for fun and amusement is born. The 'City of Entertainment' is filled with thrills and screaming fun with rides & attractions in the Indoor Theme Park, First World Theme Park and Outdoor Theme Park. Have a go at experiencing Snow World, Genting Sky Venture, X-pedition Wall, Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum and the Genting International Casinos.


Pick-up Time : 1300hrs
Duration : Approx. 09 hours
Tour Includes : Return transfers, Dinner at the park, Entrance Ticket to Safari Wonderland & Cowboy Town Carnival (starts at 1800hrs)

Malacca is not only historically and culturally rich; it is also a great family destination. At The A'Famosa Resort, a world of fun with an amusement park, carnival and the like awaits you. This tour brings you to the A'Famosa Animal World Safari where various animals roam free within 150 acres of natural surroundings. Encounter tigers, lions, giraffes, camels, zebras, elephants and other creatures as well as enjoy a Safari Truck Ride, Chicken Farm and Animal Shows. In the evening, experience a lively carnival and parade at the Cowboy Town, which ends with a colourful fireworks display.


Pick-up Time : 0900hrs
Duration : Approx. 08 hours
Tour Includes : Transfers and lunch
Tour Excludes : Birding Guide Fees

Discover the cool and relaxing atmosphere at 1,500 meters above sea-level on Fraser's Hill. The tour's highlight includes a visit to buildings with Tudor- style elements reflecting Fraser's colonial past, Fraser's Clock tower and Allen's Water - a former reservoir turned boating and fishing attraction. If you're a bird lover, Frasers Hill offers sightings of various endemic birds. However, service of a birding guide is not inclusive in the package and can be requested at an additional charge.


Pick-up Time : 0900hrs
Duration : Approx. 08 hours
Tour Includes : Transfers and Entrance Fees

Go to France in an hour! You'll experience a little of it at Bukit Tinggi where a collection of buildings from a north-eastern French village of the 16th century are replicated here. At 2,500 feet above sea level, Colmar Tropicale offers a cooling trip for tourists who will also visit the Japanese Village and Rabbit Park.


Pick-up Time : 0800hrs
Duration : Approx. 08 hours
Tour Includes : Transfers, Boat Ticket, Seafood Lunch

In Crab Island ("Pulau Ketam" in Malay), what looks like "floating houses" are actually homes balanced on long wooden stilts, suspended about 1-10 meters above sea level. It is a fishing village off the coast of Klang and requires a boat ride in. The tour also includes a drive pass of Palace of the Sultan of Selangor, visit to the Sultan Salahhuddin Mosque also known as Blue Mosque, Municipal Council Tower and the State Mosque.


Pick-up time : 1000 hours
Duration : Approx. 08 hrs
Tour Include : Entrance fees & lunch
Notes : Bring along a camera and a copy of passport (foreigner only)

Away from concrete structures to natural surroundings for a rare encounter with the largest animal to walk the earth. You'll have the opportunity to feed and video the elephants, under the park's staffs' supervision.


Pick-up time : 0830 hours
Duration : Approx. 09 hrs
Tour Includes : Lunch & Entrance fees for Rumah Melayu only

People constantly flock to the birthplace of Malaysia. Its strategic location led to an economic boom, great enough to cause nations to fight for ruling rights. It is through 600 years of various European influences that gave birth to a unique heritage, customs and lifestyle of the local folks, landing it the UNESCO Heritage site recognition. Malacca was also the state where Malaysia's declaration of Independence was held. The tour highlights St Peter's Church, Porta De Santiago and the ruins of St Paul's Church, Dutch Administration office, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple & Jonker Street.


Pick-up Time : 0800hrs
Duration : Approx. 10 hours
Tour Includes : Entrance fees & lunch

This tour is designed for those who only have a day to discover the beauty of Ipoh. The heart of Kinta River marks the division between Ipoh's Old and New Town. The Old Town holds the state's history with physical structures with colonial elements and some time honoured traditional businesses that are slowly fading. New Town is so named due to recent modern developments. Places you'll visit include one of the many cave temples, The Shaik Adam Mosque, The Ipoh Railway Station, rattan weaving shop, signboard engraving shop, tin smith and Little India and Kellie Castle.


Pick-up time : 0800hrs
Duration : Approx. 6hrs
Tour Includes : Land transfer, cooking class, lunch (self-cooked meal) and market visit

Home-cooked food is something to be savored. The flavors and taste of the creations remain in the inner recesses of the mind, unforgotten and you will have wonderful 'yummy' memories. Now you have the opportunity to take home this experience and knowledge. Besides, learning to prepare Malaysian home-cooked food, you will also get an interesting insight into the culture and social structure of the country. The atmosphere of camaraderie is excellent; you will get to mingle with other visitors to the country as well as friendly residents and expatriates simply eager to learn to cook.

Experience a few hours of Malaysian hospitality and you'll not only get an opportunity to enjoy home-cooked Malaysian dishes, you'll also learn how to prepare the dishes the way they have been done for generations. A fun alternative to shopping and sightseeing! Spend half a day starting from 08:30am to 2:00pm, Mondays to Saturdays except on Malaysian Public Holidays. The classes, conducted in English, will be kept small between 3 to 10 guests to ensure proper supervision.


Pick-up Time : 0900hrs or 1700hrs
Duration : Approx. 05 hours
Tour Includes : English speaking guide, transfers via public transport (LRT / monorail), all food and drinks (excluding alcoholic beverages), a simple Malaysian recipe book & an umbrella (to shelter you from the heat)
**Food items are subject to change due to availability and closure of certain outlets/stalls due to various reasons including day-offs, festivities, etc.**
**As this is a street food tour, food and dining venue hygiene cannot be guaranteed, despite our best efforts to select only presentable food outlets/stalls. Guests will be advised to eat at their own risk.**

Fancy trying a new and delicious local dish? Then embark on this gastronomical journey of discovery that allows you to sample some of Malaysia's most famous dishes, all within walking distance and with the help of a local food guide. Among some of the dishes that you may choose to sample are, Nasi Lemak, Cendol, Roti Canai, Hokkien Mee, Grilled Fish and Chee Cheong Fan.


Pick-up Time : 0900hrs
Duration : Approx. 08 hours
Tour Includes : Entrance, Gallery, Demonstrations, Village Walk, Lunch and Guiding Tour to Mah Meri Village and Heritage Island Plantation

Carey Island is situated at the mouth of Sungai Langat which occupies an area of approximately 38,000 acres, with 28,000 acres of Oil Palm Plantations, and the remainder Mah Meri and Mangrove reserve. Regionally, it is 90 km South West of Kuala Lumpur and 60 km North West of KLIA. It is an initial settlement area for the Mah Meri (pronounced Mak Miri), one of the aborigine Orang Asli tribes of Malaysia. Mah Meri people have a reputation for some of the world's finest wooden mask. They have assimilated into modern life, with jobs in the nearby plantations and farms, but they retain their unique culture and way of life. Apart from exhibitions of their traditional dances and music, the Mah Meri are particularly known for their votive sculptures, fashioned from a kind of swamp hardwood known as "Nyireh Batu". Among the highlights, visit the hill station colonial bungalow, the reserve plantations, museum and enjoy a simple lunch on the island.



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